SR 3D Builder version

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SR 3D Builder version

Mensagem por xSergio74 » 21 ago 2014, 23:08

I'm back from holidays and have just published a new version of the application.
Nothing of complex this time, just a few but necessary bug fixes and the Friends figure support.
Download as usual from the official website:

Here is a detailed list of changes
- Toolbox behavior when using scaled fonts
- Installation problems: when Part list is not found and it is not the first run of the application it crash
- Connected Selection option was no longer working correctly since last version
- Technic Axle 3L with stud now work better when the stud is inserted in a beam hole
- Trying to hinge rotate a part with sliding mobility leads to unexpected behavior

- Support for Friends figure (under Figure brick type)

- Better (faster) management of UNDO especially for BIIIG models

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Re: SR 3D Builder version

Mensagem por BionicDroid » 14 nov 2014, 00:39

Thursday, November 13, 2014 - Sergio Reano passed away!
1 Million thanks for your legacy Sergio Reano.
My condolences to his family and friends!
I hope there is someone was able to continue his magnificent work in the future, as with the magnificent project developed by James Jessiman (LDraw) in the 90's!
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Re: SR 3D Builder version

Mensagem por csiquet » 28 jan 2015, 23:06

Sérgio recebeu, a título póstumo, o prémio James Jessiman Memorial da equipa do
A mulher dele fez uma declaração.,15315