Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2020

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Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2020

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O Thomas Wesselski, do SFW, informa:

that virus still has planet earth in its claws, but there are good news!

The Skærbæk Fan Weekend will not be cancelled!

At least not today - we are still trying to make it happen.

Rules and regulations are still in place and we have to see how to deal with it.

There is absolutely no way to proceed like we did in the past.

Some people may not be allowed to leave their country, some may not be allowed to enter Denmark.

Now this is how we are going to proceed. We are bringing the event down to the core.

To make it happen this is a price we all have to pay:

· All activities where people are queueing are being cancelled: BrickBox, auction, P-Shop, presentations/workshops.
· Exhibition space will dramatically be reduced to give more space for the people.
· Big mocs can’t be displayed to reduce set up time.
· Access to the exhibition halls during public opening times might be restricted for the AFOLs to make sure that the maximum number of people won’t be exceeded.
· Video streams might be available for those who stay at home, we are currently working on this topic.
· Since the LEGO House reopened it looks very promising that we can keep that on our list. We are in negotiations with the LEGO House to find a proper solution.

Please note that all these actions are been made to make the Skærbæk Fan Weekend happen! It’s the only way to prevent cancelling the entire event.

Since the situation is still highly dynamic, it’s obvious that all actions might change at all time. Be assured that we do what we can to pass news to you as fast as possible.

Booking of the Skærbæk cottages can be cancelled, or moved to next year without any extra fees. This might be different on holidays house renting companies

Urgent request: if you can’t attend, or if you don’t want to attend for whatever reason, please go to the member-center and cancel your registration.