LEGO World Utrecht 2018

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LEGO World Utrecht 2018

Mensagem por AVCampos » 14 jun 2018, 23:06

O Hans Beuze, da Het Bouwblokje, lança o convite a todos os AFOLs:

Application for LEGO World 2018 Fanzone

LEGO World in the city of Utrecht is a commercial event organised by LEGO BeNeLux in order to give (especially) children in the age of 6 to 12 a great experience with LEGO. This year the annual event will take place from October 18th - 24th.

Just like previous editions a steering committee is raised to accommodate the Fanzone. The preparations have started already. The Fanzone is the area where adult LEGO builders can show their masterpieces to the audience and show what is possible with LEGO bricks from a hobby perspective. Besides this it gives exhibitors an unique experience to meet others. Exhibitors not just are the Dutch but also come from abroad.

Once more we give every Adult LEGO builder the possibility to join the Fanzone. The number of exhibitors is limited; we cannot guarantee your participation in advance. With your submission we at least expect you will bring a layout like the size of 6 modulars (approx. 15,000 bricks) but it is not an exact limit. Individual layouts will also need to have a similar proportion according to the number of group members.
The models have to the own creations. Sets are acceptable unless they will not be the majority of the layout. Therefore collections will not be a part of the Fanzone. Also we cannot a low modern warfare of models with any religious expressions. The models have to be built of LEGO bricks and not from other brands or materials. Exceptions are elements which cannot be build out of LEGO bricks but also; it should not be too much of it. If you have any questions on this topic; do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Motion in the models is very welcome.

The submissions will be judged on quality, originality, versatility, attractiveness with the visitors, interactions and presentation. You can submit as a group or as an individual. With a group submission all individual group members have to fill out a submission form. Of course giving the group name. In that case please give both your group name and group leader.

Submitting can be done until July 1st 23:59 hrs. No later than July 8th we will let you know if you will be one of the exhibitors we will welcome at LEGO World 2018.

As an exhibitor we expect an active presentation and especially a lot of interaction with the visitors. This is what it is all about with LEGO World.

What we will offer to the exhibitors:
free lunch and diner during the event and also during the set up day;
a fan box with mixed elements;
the possibility to order selected sets at an attractive price;
a fantastic fan evening;
and of course a great event!

As mentioned before LEGO World will be from October 18th to 24th. Within these dates you can decide just to exhibit the first half (October 18th - 20th, from Thursday to Saturday) or only the second half (October 21st - 24th, from Sunday to Wednesday). But of course you also could exhibit during the entire event (and what most people do). Exceptions within these three options we unfortunately cannot grant from a logistical perspective.
The set up day will be on Wednesday October 17th. For those who will come for the second half setting up will be possible at the end of the third exhibition day on Saturday October 20th. Those who just join the first half will tear down then. If you need more time to set up you can continue on Sunday morning.

The submission form can be found here. After you created an account you can make up your submission. Until the submission closes you can make adjustments if needed. ... 46f6e3c536

We are looking forward seeing you!

On behalf of the Steering Group LEGO World 2018
Paul Wolters
Barry Bosman
Dennis Bosman

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Re: LEGO World Utrecht 2018

Mensagem por AlexandreRibeiro » 14 jun 2018, 23:17

Não coincide nas datas com o eventos de que tínhamos falado?

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Re: LEGO World Utrecht 2018

Mensagem por majofra » 17 jun 2018, 23:08

@AlexandreRibeiro, as datas do evento que falamos é de 25 a 28 Outubro pelo que não há coincidências.

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