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Planet kock, 16 e 17 de Novembro

Enviado: 12 ago 2019, 13:22
por AVCampos
O Gregor Pungercic, do Kocke klub, lança este convite. Não traduzo porque de qualquer maneira é esperado que os interessados saibam inglês...


We're planing one big exhibition »Planet kock« at 16.and 17. November in Ljubljana. Basic information are here: http://www.planetkock.si/index.php?lang=en

If someone will have time to come, It will be great. :)

Members must first register as an exhibitor (https://forms.gle/kAcyZNcaNHBV2o1cA), then they will get an email with information how to apply their MOC and all the other information will follow.