Beokocka New Year Party

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Beokocka New Year Party

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A Tamara Butkovic, LAmb da Beokocka, lança o seguinte convite:

I have a message for LAN from our Fun Team Leader, Sara


As always, we are going to have Beokocka New Year's party, but this time, we will open it to all AFOLs, not just club members and their friends.

So, if you plan to be in Belgrade on 20.12.2019. contact us on (Tamara) or (Angeli) so we can arrange for you

Everything is free, food, beverages, entrance, building tips and new dance moves :). Tables are going to be filled with LEGO bricks for little joys, and we will sit only when we are tired of dancing (you can thank Mirona Constantin for adding AFOL dancing to ALL of our events:) There will be live music (like always), band is: Brain Drain (they are amazing:)

We will find you suitable lodgings on a walking distance from place where party will be held, lodgings will offer extra discounts, and if you decide to stay a day or two more, you will be our guest in Club Play House for fun

So... I think most of you have heard about Beokocka parties, Serbian hospitality and beauty of Belgrade - if you are passing by, give us a nudge :)

Address: Dalmatinska 44, Brick & Mug pub
date: 20.12.2019. from 21h to 06h in the morning
The club is ours for the night, so not open to general public. Contact us if you plan to visit us.

Who knows, maybe a future love of your life or future best friend is just behind next moc ;)"

Fun Team-Leader, Sara