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Compact Power Box

Enviado: 29 mai 2011, 00:08
por BrickCP
About the PF power box.

- I would like to suggest a rechargeable battery box with a narrower profile, to fit the common train noses 4 wide (those engines with side corridors).
Since there are no batteries to accomodate inside, the width of the power box does not have to comform to the 4w standard. In fact a major gain of going rechargable is lost by keeping 4w.
Of course I assume this has been discussed, but for me even a moderate power loss would be acceptable.

- Gostaria de sugerir que uma versao recarregavel da caixa de alimentacao mais compacta, sobretudo mais estreita.

- Maybe a plug-in PFunctions cable to a 9V battery would be enough?

- Talvez fosse suficiente um cabo PF com bornes para uma pilha 9V?

- Definite solution would require a 2w device, the 9V battery is a bit larger than 2w and not ideal.

Re: Compact Power Box

Enviado: 09 ago 2011, 21:36
por Conchas
Ver o meu comentário no post dos buffers para comboio.