LEGO Creator - Procuram-se 10 voluntários

Secção para interagir (informações, troca de ideias, etc...) com o LEGO Ambassador que representa a PLUG, junto da LEGO.
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LEGO Creator - Procuram-se 10 voluntários

Mensagem por AVCampos » 11 dez 2017, 22:41

À semelhança do pedido feito há uns meses para Friends, agora é a vez do Creator...


LEGO Creator – Tips & Tricks Videos 1HY 2018


Seeking 10 volunteers from the AFOL community to create 1-3 minutes of video content around 4 different LEGO Creator 3in1 products & accompanying build challenge:

    March challenge: 31081 Modular Skate House
    April challenge: 31076 Daredevil Stunt Plane
    May challenge: 31072 Extreme Engines
    June challenge: 31079 Sunshine Surfer Van
    After building each “A” model the volunteer is challenged to build anything that comes to mind that may accompany / add-onto the model in a fun & creative way.

The starting point of the content should be the specified product in focus for each challenge – an existing LEGO Creator 3in1 product. In the video, the A model of the product should be shown followed by a personal creation that the fan would add to / accompany the model in a fun way. It can be something extra that is built to add to the set or a modification made with a cool building technique.

All videos should follow the Creator 3in1 spirit and use the LEGO Creator 3in1 elements for the builds.

The target audience for the content will be children aged 5-12 using the LEGO Life app, and the content will work as inspiration for kids who are looking to explore and expand their own building skills. In addition to LEGO Life, the content may also be featured on other LEGO owned channels such as social media. The volunteers will be credited as the creators of the videos whenever they are featured by the LEGO Group.

As there may be a need for signed release forms, only those aged 18+ will be eligible for this opportunity.

Here’s a few examples of the desired goal of the video as inspiration: ... 11021f890a ... 5bc0709466


Leverage the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) to post the brief / volunteer opportunity to the AFOL community. The activity is open for everyone, however, the LCE department will select the participating 10 volunteers from those who express interest. If interested, please send an email to with name, email address, name of recognized LUG/LFM/OC, and links to any previously developed video content for review. Five fans will be asked to deliver content for the first two challenges, while the other five fans will be asked to deliver content for the two last challenges.


1 piece of video content

Length: unedited version (up to 5 min of coherent, unedited material)

Format: HD, 1920×1080, 16:9, .MOV or .MP4

No music

No use of third party elements and no use of IP LEGO elements (e.g. LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Super Heroes elements including IP minifigures)

Minifigures can be used but no action toys or third party figures can be featured in the videos

No text on screen


    Brief to be posted on the LAN in week 50

    Fans to be selected before 27th of December

    Products to be shipped between the 27th of December and the 5th of January 2018

    Content for the March and April challenges to be delivered by the 12th of February 2018

    Content for the May and June challenges to be delivered by the 12th of March 2018


All 10 Brand Advocates to receive the full range of products featured in the 1HY challenges (31073, 31080, 31081, 31076, 31072, 31079).

As always, we thank you for your time and continued support of the LEGO Brand!


Kevin Hinkle

Market Integration Manager

Marketing & Open Innovation, LCE