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BlizzCon 2019 community night contests!

Enviado: 05 jun 2019, 14:48
por AVCampos
Para além de AFOL, o Jacky Chen também é fã da Blizzard, e lançou este desafio na LAN. Pode haver por aqui alguém interessado!

This is what I took at Blizzcon last year, it was a part of the community night contest where talented Blizzard fans submitting their cool work (movie, arts, etc) and showcasing at the event. I know there are plenty of hardcore Blizzard fans in the AFOL community and wouldn't it be cool to have some of your work being celebrated on a big show like Blizzcon?

Well, it's not a request from TLG but a small recommendation from a peer Blizzard fan. Look forward to some AFOL contents in the finalists! 😜

https://blizzcon.com/en-us/event-info/a ... nity-night

Quote: "Community Night is your opportunity to take center stage at BlizzCon and showcase your skill and creativity, whether you’re a crack cosplayer, maverick moviemaker, awesome artist, or have some secret epic talent you’ve been waiting to reveal to the world. It also happens to be one of our favorite nights of the year, and we can’t wait to see what you create.

This year’s contests will once again feature the Costume, Talent, Movie, and Art Contests; we’re also bringing back the Cosplay Exhibition we debuted last year for an encore.

The deadline for all entries is August 18, 2019. Make sure to read the official rules (available on the entry forms for their respective contests) before you enter; here’s a breakdown of what’s in store for each contest this year."