LU Unlocks New “World Builder League” Zones, Created by Talented LEGO Fans

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LU Unlocks New “World Builder League” Zones, Created by Talented LEGO Fans

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NOVEMBER 12, 2010 – LEGO® Universe just launched on October 26th, but already, the LEGO Group is adding new vibrant and action-packed areas for players to explore. The “World Build League,” a talented group of LEGO fans turned co-developers, have dreamed up and delivered three dazzling new zones to the LEGO Universe MMOG playground – a whole realm of exciting new adventures across original, imaginative environments.

To check out the World Build League zones, players should first visit Starbase 3001, located just past the Brick Annex in Nimbus Station, near the entrance to Pet Cove. In Starbase 3001, you can snag some new models and meet futuristic robots, before hopping on the launch pad and flying to your World Builder League destination of choice: DeepFreeze, MoonBase or Portabello.

If winter can’t come fast enough, head to DeepFreeze. Fans can report to Dee the Chickadee to accept their first mission, and take time to build a snowman, cruise atop the ice on a Zamboni and battle Maelstrom Beavers. Prefer an out-of-this-world experience? Blast off to MoonBase, the space-themed zone where players fly high, thanks to the low gravity atmosphere. There’s plenty to explore in this sleek, futuristic zone and possible alien encounters lurking around every moon rock. In the fantasy-filled World Builder zone, Portabello, don’t be afraid to meet Draggle, Baggle and Zaggle—they’re the dragon brothers who send players on an unpredictable quest. For inquisitive minds, the official LEGO Universe website has more juicy details.

Can’t wait to discover the three new zones for yourself? Check out these screenshots and video footage from the hottest new world in the LEGO Universe, World Builder League style: ...

The World Builder League, formerly known as LEGO Universe Partners (or LUPs for short), is composed of some of the most brilliant LEGO fans in the world. They’ve worked alongside professional developers at NetDevil to help create LEGO Universe, providing everything from inspiration and ideas to super sweet building skills. You can learn more from one of the lead World Builders, the illustrious Steve Barker, in this behind-the-scenes video:

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