Lugs United 2019

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Lugs United 2019

Mensagem por AVCampos » 28 set 2018, 10:04

O Ivan Angeli, da Beokocka, fez este convite (não traduzo porque é muito extenso, e de qualquer maneira, é de esperar que potenciais interessados saibam inglês):

Hello friends :D

Lugs United is not about creations. It is not about the news, rules or gifts. It is not about parties, river barges and dancing. It is not about the good food and lazy afternoons, ambassador meetings and funny contests

It is about spending time with friends :)

That being said, we are starting with Lugs United 2019 now. Today. So here is some info:

Short Version: LUGS UNITED 2018 was the best one yet. We plan to make 2019 even better, with introducing some new ideas, and polishing the ones we have. The detailed list and our thoughts are in longer version. Registration will be done very soon, as we want to plan and optimize for the number of people who will be coming - we have something special in mind - this is, after all, you holiday :D

In longer version you have a list of all the terms like Info Desk and Holo Tags explained. You can see what to expect, and so you don't miss on something

Longer Version:
(for your convenience, here is the same file in PDF: lugs united 2019.pdf

Our thoughts about future events:

Four days event - Lugs United always happens in second weekend of September. So, LU19 will happen 12-13- 14(Saturday)-15 with setting up on 11.09.2019. and tearing down on 16.09.2019.

Two days option- LU19 will be 4 days event, as popular request from LU18. But, we do acknowledge many visitors will only have weekend free, so we will focus our traditional activities to Friday night, Saturday and Sunday during the day, and use extra days for extra fun

Save your money for party - As always, most or all costs will be covered by us.

Very fast registration - Registration will be fast, and soon, as we need to prepare for amount of people we will have

Ambassador fan weekend type event - We have been toying with idea to make this event heavily focused on ambassadors, who will be accompanied by their teams. This means more ambassador related topics (last ambassador meeting was almost 3h long, and the only reason it stopped was because interesting presentation was starting:)

Hotel: - 20 apartments per building = 80 persons. - 20 buildings in 5 min walk radius = 1600 persons max
- also, if you do not registered but you still desire to visit, we made a discount on apartments: - 20e per apartment per night. Apart mantas are like small flats with kitchen, bathroom etc. They are in the literal center of the city

Time set for new ambassadors- As a popular subject raised on meeting, we will have live BrickMate discussion for newer ambassadors, where we can go through everything we think you should know and check on LAN, and also through all of your questions and inquires

How we do it - finance - We will talk about raising funds for club for evolving structure and logistics

How we do it - bricks - Another possible interesting topic is non-conventional brick gathering, like PaB network, re-sellers, black-sellers, flee market-sellers and use of wanted and item lists on Bricklink

Whole day and night party on the beach house- For LU19, we are thinking of taking a whole day on Sol (salt in translation) Beach House continuing with a party during the night on the same place, adding live national music (for 30 minutes) during AFOL Friday Night Dinner (we still need better name for this activity) and making contests on every few hours, as they turned to be one of highlights of event). Using just thumbs (and not your own) to assemble polybag is just too hard, guys :)

More AFOLs from our club who will focus on specific tasks - We are also adding new structures regarding helpful AFOLs from our club, so for LU19 you can add AFOL Innkeeper who will be responsible for anything regarding hotel and AFOL Gold, who will be responsible for handling money conversions and similar

Changing money - On INFO Desk you will be able to exchange EUR for RSD for immediate need, and there is also a new option - you can just borrow the money, and later remember to return to AFOL Gold

Having food all the time - We plan to introduce AFOL cook, who will keep barbecue light up all day, continuously producing food.

Large mosaic collaboration - Due to the so much fun we had preparing large mosaic, next year we will build one from scratch. Probably Aerie (our mascot (link))

Lots of cold refreshments - We also plan to put fridge on every crossing, so you can get to free refreshments easier

Ecology statement - This year we tried to experiment with glass glasses, bottles, plates and silverware. I think it went ok, and, from 2019, we will switch completely from plastic to glass, porcelain and metal, in regards to our ecological efforts. And from 2019, you will have more options regarding recycling

Inviting - Please note Lugs United is not open event - we invite you, even though you have to register. We are thinking of changing this, and allowing 2019 for everyone who thinks they can become part of the Family.

Payment (no payment)- Although it is invite only event, we do pay everything, or almost everything

No shuttle - Shuttle is the idea we are abandoning, as people tend to go and leave as they feel need, and busses would add to confusion. TAXI is cheap here, and from venue to hotel it is just 4 to 5 eur (meaning, it is just shy over one eur per person, as four can fit one TAXI

Picture HUB - Picture HUB is still a thing, where you send pictures you made to us, and we collect them and put them on server for all visitors to download.

Being discreet regarding others - Again, we remind you not to post pictures unless everyone on it agreed it is ok. This is a relaxed event, and we are also. These are our memories, we will make photos for public. It is simple - what happens on Lugs United stays on Lugs United - this is something we insist on, especially regarding parties, as they go more wild every year

Laser engraved glasses - Did you noticed that all of the glasses, jars and glass wear on AFOL Lounge Rakija table had laser engraved Beokocka's logo, similar to the one engraved on mugs you got as a gift? Look for it in 2019 :)

Guided tours - we will make a survey on LAN asking you to choose which activity we will be doing next year during our Guided tour. Ideas:
- classic city guided tour on foot
- open bus guided tour
- river guided tour
- Belgrade underground guided tour
- Kalemegdan fortress guided tour

Phone cards - we are thinking of making this (old) idea a reality next time, with all other cards memorized, so when you put it in phone you can call other ambassadors also - this cuts the price of communicating in roaming, and also connects all visitor teams in a network - one card per team (club)

Changing venue for larger numbers of visitors - up to 150 people we will use the venue we use now (residence of Danish Embassy), 200+, we will have to either add, or change venue. We are in the process of discussing with city to get some extremely good place for LU 2019 for whole two weeks, so we can prepare it, and also allow guests who desire to stay longer possibility to do so - we can also exhibit much more of our creations

Building sculpture together - We will be building large minifig of our mascot, Aerie, during the event. We noticed in Portugal, Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend, that this was a great activity during 2017. We will try to copy-paste the feeling and ambience, hopefully we will also have a great product at the end - our Faerie Dragon minifig will glow and shine, that is for sure :)

Here is a complete list of items:

We strongly encourage you to check out site from time to time. You can find a lot about us on our club's site (link), and you can learn a lot about the event on our event site (link)

Blog - this is the most frequently updated page of our site, and all news and helpful information can be found here (link)

Visitor's Kit - is the place where you can find a ton of useful information (link)

Timetable - schedule of activities, also a place where you can download the same document in PDF (link)

FAQ - place where you can find answers to the Frequently Asked Question. Do note, we used humor a lot (link)

Registration - a place where you can register for event. (link)

Who is coming - here you can see a list of all visitors who registered, divided by countries. Under each name you can see a club, if chosen during registration (link)

Memories - in here you can check pictures from last six LUGS UNITED conventions (link)

Info Desk
Info Desk is an area of literal desk(s) at the entrance of the avenue, with always present Beokocka's member for assistance

Grab Boot - table with Grab Bags (Grab Bag is a bag with extra parts someone didn't need and left it for anyone to take. It is ok to bring your own Grab Bags and leave them on Grab Boot)

Charge Boot - station with dozen of chargers, mostly for android, and with extra sockets for your Laptops and other equipment. A Beokocka member is always present on Info Desk, so your items are secured

Cash Boot - place where you can exchange you EUR for RSD

Info Desk AFOL - a Beokocka's member who is always present at Info Desk, ready to assist, fluent at, at least, two languages, not including native.

Paper boot - place at Info Desk where you can find printed LEGO LIFE magazines, LEGO related books, old catalogs (oldest is from 1978), including funny helping tags, like "Learn how to cheer" on different languages, with pronunciation, "know your rakija" with funny names and measurements explanations etc

ID Tag - three layered tag on a leash that contain

Storage Area - if you have something you don't want to carry around, this is the great place to leave it, Info Desk AFOL is always present at Info Desk

Sign Brick - it is a custom made large construct that represent white 2x2 brick (like the one on our logo), used for signing for all visitors, usually on Friday Night Dinner. The Sign Brick is stationed on Info Desk during event, so it can be signed anytime

HOLO Tag - logo of your community engraved with laser in a parchment of plexiglass, sited into a base with lights inside

Medic Boot - first Aid kit is located at info desk. We are trained and equipped to handle more or less anything that could happen. There will also be present a medical worker near Medic Boot (not AFOL, professional). Please note that we have a large number of headache medicine here, you can take few for your room. They are bought without prescription, max one per day (this will be told to you when you take them)

Our members with some special function regarding assistance for visitors

AFOL Buddy - a person appointed to your group to whom you can always reach for anything you need or when in doubt. He/she will also remind you about all important activities, help with parking place, money exchange, calling TAXI etc.

AFOL Gold - person who is near Info Desk, and will exchange EUR for RSD on the spot

AFOL Innkeeper - person who manage hotel and lodging, hotel keys, garage sensors, parking spots etc.

AFOL Cook - unlucky one who is handling the barbecue all day :)

AFOL's little helper - any person that wears shirt with Beokocka's logo - they are there to help you with anything you need

Info Desk AFOL - person located at all time at Info Desk, there to help you with any inquiry you have. Our members are discreet, so, if it is something embarrassing or bad, that is also a good place to go, and they will fetch me or someone who can help.

AFOL Lounge
This is a place where you can chill out, eat, drink, just sit and talk, and relax

AFOL Lounge fridge - take whatever you need. The AFOL Fridge is continuously filled from our members

AFOL Lounge camera - Canon PowerShot SX130IS with extra batteries, available for anyone to take pictures inside AFOL Lounge - just take it and be creative. All pictures are gathered together, and with pictures from other visitors, shared in Picture Hub

AFOL Lounge Rakija table - we keep strong drinks here. Notice the glasses - they have Beokocka's logo :) Be very careful with drinks on this table, they are very strong

White Board - do you have something nice to tell us? Write it on our white board :)


Ambassador meeting - reserved for ambassadors or representatives of the communities. We discuss topics related to LAN and global communities. We bash TLG and praise TLG, and we work on finding solutions to all current issues. Please note ambassador meeting is for recognized communities, and communities who are in the process of being recognized. If there is no desire for recognition, we deduct there will be no desire for topics discussed.

Contests - we invent our own games, and shamelessly steal ideas from others :) Farting puppies is a revelation. Signing in for contests is on spot, five minutes before beginning. Traditionally, contests and games are one of happiest moments we have on this convention

AFOL Night - done in venue of event, an activity where we all get together and have dinner, give medals, participate in tombola or auction, if there is one (we have removed tombola from last two events)

AFOL Diner Friday - is usually with very quiet music, so people can talk and get to know each other, situated so one can communicate with as many people as possible

AFOL Party (Snot'n'Crazy:) -
live music party. One of highlights of social part of the event

Guided tour - beach, raft, on foot, open buss, underground or simply chill out, whatever is on the many that year

Presentations - are done by extraordinary AFOLs who made some great leaps in topics that could interest us all - we had presentations from AFOLs who become LEGO Designers (Nicolas - TLG), builders who exhibited in first wave LEGO House (Djokson - Beokocka), builders who build large scale statues, life size, some 17m long (Jacek - Beokocka) etc. Anyone who has something important or interesting to say, prepare presentation and arrange a time slot with us. One can never have too much of presentation during convention, this is a fact.

The rest:

Small is the new black - this is something we are pushing, idea that was proved so many times now - that, for greatness in mocs, you don't need size - one can build a masterpiece that fits 32x32. Smaller creations also allow more space for people, less time to setup and less stress if something will go wrong during setup or transport. This is the main idea of event - as stress free as possible

Ideas? Suggestions? Please send them to my e-mail or, if you really want to be official, to (but it both lead to the same place:)

In any case, Lugs United is wonderful experience for us, something we are working on so hard during the whole year. It brings us joy to have you as guests and socialize. We can't wait for next year :)
See you soon.
Come as guests, leave as Family :D

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Re: Lugs United 2019

Mensagem por PocasNuckie » 28 set 2018, 12:33

Li TUDO e fiquei sem saber o essencial que é - onde é que é isso?  ;D ;D ;D

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Re: Lugs United 2019

Mensagem por AVCampos » 28 set 2018, 12:36

Se clicares no primeiro link de todos que coloquei, vês logo:
Belgrade, Serbia

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Re: Lugs United 2019

Mensagem por csiquet » 28 set 2018, 17:53

Se eu bem me lembro, o Ivan Angeli é do tipo 'meio maluco'.  ;D

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Re: Lugs United 2019

Mensagem por AVCampos » 28 set 2018, 17:58

Pelo menos gasta o teclado todo na LAN. >:D

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Re: Lugs United 2019

Mensagem por nunofilipe72 » 28 set 2018, 18:06

Se eu bem me lembro, o Ivan Angeli é do tipo 'meio maluco'.  ;D
Vai ver o Flickr dele ....anda sempre muito bem acompanhado  ;)